Your Beginner’s Guide to Using Crystals as Divination Tools

If you told most people that you were interested in using crystals to tell your fortune, they’d laugh you out of the room. Sadly, divination using crystals is one form of fortune telling that brings about many skeptics who cry foul. If you truly are interested in having your fortune told by crystals, know that there are different methods to crystal divination, as well as specific crystals that are good, bad, or not even true crystals in the first place. The world of crystal divination is very vast, but here’s a short guide to some beginning info. What Is a Crystal? A crystal is a solid material. Inside this material, atoms are arranged in a regular and repeating pattern. The grouping of the atoms differentiates a crystal from other forms of matter and other rock substances. For instance, rose quartz is a crystal while glass is not. When picking out crystals to use for divination, it’s important to know which crystals are real and which crystals aren’t actually crystals at all. Crystals can be differentiated based on their atomic structure. The way that atoms are arranged is what separates one rock from another, and the same is true with crystals. All in all, determining what a crystal is and isn’t…

Why You Need to Get a Second Psychic Opinion

Consulting a psychic is always helpful, no matter what types of issues you are dealing with. They can help you with things that you may not have ever known how to solve. Getting online readings is easier than ever, so more and more people are getting opinions from psychics. However, it’s not always easy to know if you’re getting good advice. You may want to consider getting a second psychic opinion before you take the advice that you are offered. Getting one psychic reading done is one thing, but you may not have ever considered getting to done. It may seem a little bit confusing to you. However, getting a second opinion really can be helpful, and it is something you’re going to want to consider doing. Here’s why you should be considering getting a second opinion from a different psychic whenever you get a reading done. Not Every Psychic Is Legitimate Unfortunately, it’s important to know that not every psychic you will encounter online is actually legitimate or looking out for your best interests. There are some psychics out there who don’t really care about the advice or readings they give you. For this reason, you really do want to be careful about who you consult when it comes…

What to Avoid When Getting a Couples Reading

Relationship and love advice are two of the most commonly approached topics during psychic readings. More and more often in the past few years, readings for couples have become very popular and partners are flocking to psychic readers in order to give them relationship advice. But, a couples reading might not necessarily be something that two people should just rush into. Here are a few things to avoid if a couples reading is something you and your partner are thinking about. Don’t Go into a Reading Angry One of the biggest things couples need to remember about a couples psychic reading is that it is not necessarily a therapy sessions. While it’s perfectly fine to go in with issues and concerns that the two might want to fix in order to better the relationship, partners should not go in already angry and only wanting to air their dirty laundry to a third party. Both psychic and tarot readings work best when everyone has a clear and calm mind, and it’s no different with a couples reading. In fact, it’s even more important during a couples reading that everyone is calm and collected because if the couple goes in angry, it’s only going to be double the negativity. Lots of fresh…


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