Using a Psychic to Contact Loved Ones That Have Passed on

While there are countless articles online about why someone should never use a Ouija board, some people view spirit boards and nothing more than another toy that can be found at novelty stores and tucked away in antique shops. While most people have seen movies like The Exorcist and have been permanently scared to use any kind of spirit board, some brave people are still willing the take the risk and contact the spirit world because of their desire to reach out to a family member or other loved one who has passed on. If this is something you’re interested in, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before contacting a psychic. Know Who You’re Contacting One of the biggest things people need to realize before contacting anyone about this sort of scenario is that there is a difference between psychics and psychic mediums. While normal psychics are able to tap into the spiritual realm for guidance, a psychic medium is able to go even further by contacting spirits directly. Most of the time if a person goes to a regular psychic wanting to speak with a loved one that has passed on, the psychic will admit up front that they might not be able to…

Signs You Might Be Psychic

For some people, it might be obvious from an early age that they have psychic abilities. Perhaps they have higher levels of intuition, or maybe they developed an interest in tarot cards and healing crystals at an early age. Sometimes, the signs might not be quite so obvious. Whether you are struggling to figure out whether or not you have psychic abilities or if you are certain they are already within you, check out some of these big signs that you might hold psychic powers. Your Gut Feeling Is Always Accurate Most people have what is commonly known as a “gut instinct“. If a bad situation is about to occur, some people will usually feel a sense of dread and be able to avoid the problem. If this is something that happens often and your gut feeling seems to always be correct, that could be a very big sign of having psychic abilities. For most people, their gut instinct will only pop up every now and again, and could only be correct half of the time. But, if your senses seem to be able to detect not only danger but good situations as well, then that could very well be something to look into. Being able to predict a bad…


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