Why You Should Request That Your Psychic Use Crystals During Your Reading

It’s a common misconception that you don’t have any input after you pay for a psychic reading. Most people just assume that you need to sit in silence while the reading is done, speaking only in response to questions. Fortunately, this is not the case. The fact is, you have the right to request certain things during a psychic reading, and it’s important to know just what these things are. If you’re getting a tarot reading done, you can request that the psychic use a different deck. And regardless of what kind of reading done, you can always request that your psychic make use of crystals if they have any on hand. Crystals are an important part of any kind of psychic divination and they can augment psychic readings in different ways, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to request that your psychic use them. Cleansing Properties Many psychics will use crystals-namely quartz-for their cleansing properties. This means that the crystals can remove any negative energy surround objects or infusing areas. Many psychics that do a lot of readings for others, for example, will have large quartz clusters situated at key points in a room to ensure that the negative energy is constantly being cleansed. It’s also common for…

Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards and Other Psychic Tools That Hold Several Misconceptions

When a person thinks of psychic readers, a few particular items might come to mind. Tarot cards, crystal balls, Ouija boards, Runes, as well as other typical items that is often associated with fortune telling. While these are all very common items that one could very well spot in a local readers shop, these items might not always work the way many people think they will. Here are a few common misconceptions about popular psychic tools. The Crystal Ball The crystal ball is probably one of the most commonly thought of item when a person thinks of psychic and tarot readers. They imagine a mystical reader peering into a huge glowing crystal ball and reading the future with intense detail. But, that’s not entirely how crystal balls actually work. Many people think that crystal balls come with the magic power of allowing a psychic to actually see visions of the future in the ball. But, anyone that has actually seen a psychic use a crystal ball knows that there are no magical balls that show the future with a mystical swirl of smoke and glitter. In reality, a psychic will merely use a crystal ball to focus their energy and help them use their third eye to gaze into the…


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