The Best Kind of Online Psychic Reading to Request If You’re Short on Time

The Internet makes everything more convenient, and that’s just the case when it comes to getting an online psychic reading done. Obviously, it won’t have the same kind of atmosphere as it would if you go to see a psychic in real life, but it’s a great way for people who don’t have the ability to see a psychic in person to get a reading done. However, just because you can get a reading done online doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a fast occurrence. In fact, online readings can be kind of lengthy, depending on what type of reading you’re having done. If you’re short on time but would like to have an online psychic do a reading for you, you should know what kind of reading will be quick so that you don’t have to go without. Tarot Reading Depending on what kind of spread you request and/or the psychic prefers to use, a tarot reading can be fast. The Three-Card spread is the quickest, but there are other spreads that you can request depending on what kind of questions you’re hoping to have answered. The Past, Present, Future spread is one that can be done relatively quickly and so too can the True Love spread. Avoid…

Should You Heed the Negative Psychic Readings?

A lot of people are turning to psychic readings in order to have deeper insight into their life. It really can help you make better decisions and form more genuine connections with the people in your life. However, not every psychic reading is good news. There are some psychic readings that you are going to get that might be negative. It’s tempting to ignore negative readings and brush them off as a coincidence, but the truth is that you should really be paying attention to each type of reading that you get. If you are the type of person who likes to ignore negative psychic readings and focus only on the good ones, this may be news to you. If it is not something you have ever considered before, you need to understand why you should be heeding your negative psychic readings as much as you pay attention to the positive ones. Here’s everything that you need to know about this. Why You Should Never Ignore Any Psychic Reading You may be tempted to ignore the psychic readings that you don’t exactly appreciate, but that’s not a good idea. You should never be ignoring any psychic readings for any reason. Even if it doesn’t seem applicable or accurate at the…

Lestrology: Queer Astrology Advice for Cancers

Cancers are well known for their hard outer shell and their soft, squishy insides. She has a huge heart that she hides behind that protective shell because with a Cancer once you’re in, you’re in. You have full access to her softer parts and have the ability to hurt her at will. Loyalty is a big deal to Cancers, and so is family – whether that family is biological or the queer community she’s built up into one. She doesn’t give her heart away easily, but once she does, she does it full force. With a Cancer, she may not always be teasing when they talk about showing up on the second date with a U-Haul. Cancer and Taurus Cancer and Taurus is match made in heaven. The sex is amazing, the romance is vomit-worthy and they fit together like they were living a romance film. Taurus likes to take it slow and Cancer loves the attention involved in being courted. Cancer also needs loyalty and constant affection which is something Taurus is more than willing to give her. This is a relationship that requires a lot of doting on Cancer, and luckily doting is what Taurus does best. This is a relationship with a lot of eye-gazing, hand holding,…


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