Non-Love Related Psychic Questions

Getting help from a psychic is easier than ever, and a lot of people are getting psychic readings done whenever they feel like it. If you are going into a psychic reading and you’re not sure what questions to ask, you may find yourself falling back on the typical and clich√© love related psychic questions. This is all perfectly fine, but sometimes you want to ask your psychic a question that will give you insight into other aspects of your life. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your next psychic reading or you just want to know what sorts of questions you should be asking, you do need to do a bit of research. This will help you to have the best psychic readings possible because you will be able to connect with your psychic on a deeper level and asked them questions that were actually wind up being beneficial for you. Before you go into next psychic reading, here are some of the non-love related questions a you should consider asking. How Can I Improve My Financial Situation? One of the biggest questions that people ask psychics after love related questions is about their finances. Asking your psychic how you can improve your financial situation can wind…

Crystals You Want to Carry Around to Increase Your Luck

Everyone could use a good luck charm every now and again. A little something to get you through a speech you’re nervous about, an extra boost to help you get that bonus at work, or some courage to help you ask out that girl you’ve been eying for the last month. Sure, everyone could use a good luck charm, but where can you find them? Crystals carry with them many properties, housing a living energy that can provide you with anything from metaphysical healing to, you guessed it, luck. But which crystal you should carry around with you depends entirely upon the kind of luck you want to attract. Agate If you’re looking for protective luck, Agate is going to be your go-to gem. It’s one of the oldest gemstones in recorded history, and in many ancient civilizations agate stones were placed in the breastplates of warriors to bring the protection and victory in battle. Citrine & Malachite When it comes to business luck, citrine and malachite can’t be beat. Citrine has been long known as the merchants stone since it’s a powerful stone for bringing fortune and money, driving many a merchant to keep one tucked away in a pocket or pouch. Malachite has properties that protect its carrier…


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