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Everything about this site is just sloppy. The layout is cluttered and thrown together without much thought, and psychic quality and availability is only middle-of-the-road. There are better sites out there.

It’s unfortunate, but doesn’t immediately give a very good impression. The site does look dated and cluttered, and that’s already killing our focus.

It can do better.

The first impression of a reading site is extremely important. You need to be able to hop online and actually trust in the site courtesy of its layout alone, if nothing else.

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This site has some fuzzy navigation, a lot of bland backgrounds and colors, and it just posts up its most popular psychics on the front page minus prices, which isn’t great.

We would really like to see this site take the time to improve its layout first and foremost, but considering it doesn’t seem to focus much on the rest of the site, that’s not going to happen.

These Numbers Weren’t Good At All

We were really not that impressed during our SupremePsychics review, and that’s because this site ultimately didn’t end up offering us anything that we couldn’t already find elsewhere.

It’s not good enough.

SupremePsychics screencap overlay

For reliable online psychic reading s that you can trust, try our top sites.

The first sign that this wasn’t a great site came as we tried to look into their screening process. It’s hard to find any details, but when we did, we could only score it a 6.5 out of 10.

This site also is just lacking when it comes to psychics. They seem to have the same few psychics always around and not much more, and that’s not a good sign.

Because of the lack of psychics present, we were only able to really give this site a 6 out of 10 for psychic availability. They just don’t seem to really focus on that as a general rule.

It stayed kind of…meh.

The next problem that we ran across with this particular site was the customer service. Sure, you can try to contact them, but it’s not going to end up going that well.

This means that we could ultimately only end up giving them a rating of 5.5 out of 10 for their slow replies and their general lack of care towards customers. It’s not cute.

We were really not happy at the end of our review, and these results show why, clear as day. This site just didn’t have a lot of focus, and that’s something that’s going to impact you.

Features That Aren’t Doing Their Job

As a part of our SupremePsychics rating, we tried to dig further into the site to uncover at least a few features that might end up being worth while. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that great.

There’s not much here.

The first problem that you’ll notice with this particular site is that there isn’t much in the way of actual features. It’s all just chats, and not a lot of substance beyond that.

This is going to end up getting really boring, really fast. Sure, if you’re just around for chats, that’s one thing–but sometimes, they don’t even have psychics around on the site.

This will greatly impact your impression, and it’s going to end up making it a disappointing site. This, coupled with the higher prices, make it not exactly ideal for you.

The prices aren’t great.

Their average price per minute is going to end up running you $1.89, which is definitely on the higher side of normal. It’s not terrible, but for the quality, it’s not great.

They don’t have a lot of specialists on this site. They just seem to hire whoever they can really get their hands on, and that’s something that’s not terribly appealing to us.

This contributes to lower accuracy ratings, and that’s why we could only end up giving this site a 6 out of 10 for accuracy. They just don’t seem to have a lot of focus.

These Site Resources Won’t Help a Ton

Their Facebook isn’t going to give you a ton of information:

Don’t even bother with their user interface, it’s confusing:

This community shows you that they don’t have really solid practices: A Sad Site for Online Psychic Readings in General

We were really not that impressed by our overview, and we can’t say that you’ll be very enthusiastic about it, either. This site is just kind of meh.

It’s no good.

The lack of customer care keeps coming back to our thoughts, and that’s why we really can’t imagine this site ever being able to get much better. They just don’t care.

They don’t have a very stringent process when it comes to hiring, and they don’t really try to keep hiring, either. No one sticks around, so finding a regular guru is difficult.

Sites like this one are going to end up disappointing you as a general rule. You’re not going to end up getting the kind of dedication that you really want, so just forget it.

You can do better.

Our number one site is, and it’s been proven to be the top of the charts. If you want a reliable psychic reading site, then we’ve already found that for you.

Give it a shot, and you’re going to really be able to see what we mean. You need a site that’s going to deliver, and you need psychics that you can absolutely count on.

Don’t miss out. Give it a shot, and you’ll actually see how a real psychic reader can end up properly guiding you on your path. We know that’s what you’ve wanted all along!


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