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Don't think you'll wind up meeting any real professionals here - they let anyone sign up and have their own chat room. Customer support is similarly lacking, which makes solving issues harrowing. looks very pretty with all of its bedazzling, but that’s about as far as the website goes. It’s actually quite difficult to use, and very confusing for newbies.

It boasts no real features.

This site definitely has some ‘content’–in the form of a lot of tiny articles that you can literally find anywhere else in a Google search. That’s not terribly appealing, personally.

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Beyond that, the navigation on this site and the sheer lack of traffic will be able to clue you into how dead the site is as a whole. They have a hard time keeping psychics around.

This is because the numbers here are just plain not good. It’s very difficult for professionals to want to stick around here when there’s such a serious lack of traffic.

These Numbers Are…Ehhh

Our StarzPsychics review was really not a good one, and that’s because this site in general just doesn’t have a lot to offer. They have some pretty shoddy services going on.

There’s a reason why it’s empty.

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Real, reliable online psychic reading sites are out there, and our rankings are here to help you find them.

As we perused this site, we found that there’s not that much of a screening process going on here. This particular site doesn’t seem to care who comes to work there.

This is demonstrated through a simple join form that allows psychics to sign up and already have their own chat room. That’s not anywhere close to proper screening.

Because of this, we could only end up rating this site a final screening score of 2.5 out of 10, which obviously isn’t going to end up netting you any real winners here.

It doesn’t improve.

As our review continued, we found that this site has some serious lacking numbers, especially when it comes to available psychics. They just can’t keep them around.

Our final rating when it came to availability could only end up being a 2 out of 10, which is obviously not anywhere close to enough to make this site a shining star in our eyes.

This site’s customer service is also pretty in and out. They could only end up scoring a 2 out of 10 on our rating scale as well, which was because of their slow response time.

Features That You Should Skip

Our StarzPsychics rating didn’t end up getting any better as we continued to peruse the site. It’s a very empty, sparse site in general, which didn’t hit the mark for us.

It’s too basic.

There was clearly some time and thought put into the layout itself, but we think that’s about all there was put into this site. In general, it just comes out very flat as far as information.

There aren’t any educational articles here, and their services tend to run dry. They love automated readings here, and they have very sparse options for actual live readings.

This is a serious problem, but it’s brought on by their inability to keep real professionals around. Perhaps more advertising would put an end to this issue overall.

The price isn’t right, either.

If you’re spending a lot of cash on a psychic reading site, you’d at least like to see some quality. This site doesn’t have that, but they still charge an average of $2.78 per minute.

These are high prices, and they can’t even promise you a high degree of accuracy. The final accuracy rating that we were able to give this site was only a 2 out of 10.

This site doesn’t even offer a money back guarantee, so that’s another thing that you’ll find yourself worrying over as you use the site. Skip it, and you’ll be a lot happier.

These Site Resources Aren’t Great

This site isn’t going to give you any extras on Facebook:

Don’t even bother trying to waste time contacting them:

The signup process on this site is just a hot mess: A Waste of Time For Online Psychic Readings, Seriously

We found ourselves really disappointed by, and we can only imagine that you’ll end up feeling the same way. There’s just not much to this site at all.

That won’t change.

During our review, the low numbers and poor user traffic was really not impressive to us. We found ourselves really bored while using this site during our time here.

They rarely have consistent psychic numbers, and they certainly don’t enlist the help of many professionals. They also don’t tend to be able to hire any specialists at all.

With all of this coming to a head, it’s no surprise that their customer service is generally unresponsive. This is the kind of site that’s only going to end up stressing you out.

Don’t bother with it.

Instead of sticking around on a site like this one, you should be sinking your teeth into our number one psychic reading site online. That site is, and it can really work for you.

With a slew of professionals, you’ll quickly be able to find a psychic guru that can work for you and deliver excellent results. You deserve to have a great, reliable psychic.

This site has proven that they exist, and it has proven that you can really have control when it comes to your spiritual path. Give it a shot, and you’ll see what it can do.

Good luck.


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