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It reeks of corporate stink, especially with all those ads cluttering every page. There aren't even many psychics available to make the struggle worth it. They don't seem to care about keeping themselves staffed. is a site that looks like it was made to just be a giant advertisement. That’s not a compliment–it looks cluttered and not at all welcoming to users.

That sucks.

When a site is essentially just a ton of ads all over the place, that’s not exactly going to end up promoting the mindset of reliable psychic readers that can connect with you.

online psychics WITH LOGO alert pic

This site doesn’t have any of the charm and appeal of a good psychic reading site. Instead, it just comes off as very, very corporate, and that’s not something you want.

They also just don’t seem to have that many readers online at any given time. This is going to make it very hard to work with, and your schedule is going to end up suffering.

These Numbers Weren’t Good For You or Me

We were really not that pleased with our Psychic-Team review, and this became even more apparent as time went on. The results that we came up with weren’t appealing.

It wasn’t good.

The first problems began to rear their ugly heads when we honestly could find very little on their actual selection process. They don’t exactly outline how they find psychics.

Psychic-Team overlay imagecap

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It mostly seems as if they hire whoever comes along, so we could only end up rating them a 6 out of 10 for this particular aspect of their site. It’s just not reliable for you.

They also don’t seem to have that many psychics lurking around in the first place, and they definitely don’t have many specialists. This is a site of generalists, first and foremost.

You need more.

Notably, this site only had a sparse number of available psychics when we first visited. This continued throughout our review, so we could only rate them a 6 out of 10.

This site also was lacking when it came to customer service. Most of our inquiries were met with silence, and it took several days to even get a single reply through e-mail.

We could only end up rating them a 5.5 out of 10 for this level of customer service, and we weren’t at all pleased. This is just a site that’s not going to really deliver.

Disappointing Features Abound

During our Psychic-Team rating, we weren’t exactly impressed with the pricing scheme of this site, or the amount of professionalism that we ended up seeing here.

There’s not much.

This site is basically a slew of ads when you first login to it, and that’s not something that’s going to end up changing. In fact, this is basically a constant during your stay.

This site doesn’t have any articles or other features other than live chatting with psychics, and most of the time, they don’t have that many psychics available at all.

This is why their pricing scale average was really not desirable. They’re going to end up charging you a total of $2.10 per minute typically, which isn’t at all acceptable.

The quality isn’t there.

If they actually had reliable psychics on this site, we could understand that kind of pricing. As it is, it’s just plain disappointing, especially when you have a look at their professionals.

Most of the psychics on this site are newbies. That’s not something that’s going to end up making you sleep better at night, and it’s harder to feel satisfied when talking to them.

In fact, our accuracy scale rating for this site was only a 5.5 out of 10. They obviously have some issues to work through before we really feel comfortable coming back.

These Links Don’t Deliver

You aren’t going to find a lot of ways to contact them here:

This site’s terms of service are not exactly what we’d like to see:

Don’t waste your time with their support FAQ, it’s just not worth it: Not the Kind of Online Psychic Reading Site You Want

We weren’t terribly impressed with, and we can only imagine that you’re going to end up feeling the same way. This site just doesn’t hit all the marks.

It’s not great.

This site really needs to clean up its act, and stop looking so commercial. That’s killing its business more than anything, and it’s why real professionals don’t want to work here.

This is a site that needs to really end up working on its customer service as well. It shouldn’t take that long for them to actually end up chatting up customers in e-mails.

With all of this in mind, this is obviously a site that’s not going to end up wowing you every single step of the way. It’s mostly a site that’s going to make you feel dragged down.

Skip it.

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It’s full of reliable professionals that want to actually give you the psychic counseling that you deserve. Check it out, and you’ll really be able to see a difference.

We’ve proven it!


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