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The layout is painful and difficult to use, and it only gets worse from there. They let just about anyone in to their psychic ranks here, and despite that, still charge you premium prices per minute. looks extremely dated from the start, and that’s not something that’s going to end up appealing to a large crowd of people at all. Instead, it’ll just drive you away.

It’s really not good.

This site has a very small, dark layout to it, and that’s something that’s not going to end up being appealing to a large number of people. It’s honestly just hard to use.

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They don’t have a large number of features on this particular site, and it’s very hard to find anything that doesn’t have to do with a lot of automated readings in general.

This makes this site highly unappealing to veterans, and honestly discouraging for newbies. That’s why we really found ourselves wary of this site from the very beginning.

These Numbers Are Sad

As a part of our OnlinePsychic review, we really did try to dig into this site and find the best of it. Unfortunately, it just didn’t seem to have very much to offer to us.

It’s not great.

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The problems end up starting with the screening process, which is often the case with any psychic reading site. That is to say–there’s not much of a process here at all.

That’s very visible in how just about anyone can join up and set up their own live chat room for psychic readings. You don’t have to be screened in the slightest to work here.

This is why we could only end up rating this particular site a 3.5 out of 10 on our rating scale for their screening. It’s just not good enough, nor is it what you should pay for.

It doesn’t improve.

As we continued to wade through this site, we really did try to see if there were a reliable number of psychics hanging out, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

They mostly seem fairly transient, and we rarely see the same psychics twice here. This is why we could only rate this site a 3.5 out of 10 on our rating scale for availability.

Unfortunately, the customer service is even spottier here. We could only rate this site a 3 out of 10, courtesy of how slow they are to reply, and how absent they seem to be.

Features That Aren’t Great

Our OnlinePsychic rating didn’t end up offering us much else when we started further exploring the site for features. They don’t have very much to end up offering you.

It’s sparse.

It’s not a good feeling to hop onto a psychic reading site and find out that most of what they’ve got available are automated readings, and the occasional live chat room.

This makes this site a sinkhole of information. They don’t post much, and when they do, it’s stuff that’s literally recycled on every other part of the Internet in general.

That makes it really boring to browse, and even more boring to stick around to. Unless you’ve got a psychic you really like chatting with, you won’t frequent this site much.

That sucks.

This site also is going to end up charging some premium prices for some very sparse chat rooms. The average cost per minute on this site was a whopping $2.20 per minute.

This is obviously overpriced, especially when you start to look at the actual accuracy that’s going on. Our readings were often very vague, and really not worth it.

That’s why we could only end up rating this site a 3 out of 10 on our accuracy scale, and it doesn’t seem to be interested in hiring more trained professionals to remedy that.

These Site Resources Just Don’t Work Out

Their terms of use will show you that they have no real guarantee:

Their client interface isn’t going to give you much at all:

Forget about their contact form; it won’t help you: For Online Psychic Readings, It’s a Total Nope

There’s nothing about the site that’s impressive, nor is there anything there that’s going to give you the real psychic reading environment that you want.

It’s not worth it.

This is a site that doesn’t even try to have a real screening process, and it’s a site that’s only going to end up frustrating you. You deserve much more than this particular site.

We found out very quickly that it wasn’t going to be good when it just looked tiny, dark, and dank, like someone’s psychic basement. It’s just not full of quality psychics.

This is a site that doesn’t even have a money back guarantee, either, so keep that in mind, and make sure that you gravitate towards much better sites in the future.

You can do better.

With a real site, you’re not going to end up sinking into the depths of despair. That’s why you need to check out our number one reading site online,

It’s the best around for real, reliable psychic readings, and you’ll be able to find a reader that you really resonate with there. Give it a shot, and it’ll make a difference.

We’re sure of that, because we frequently use it. This is the kind of site that you’ve always needed, and we’ve proven that with our extensive review. Don’t skip it.

It’s the best!


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