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While it has an interesting concept, it simply fails on execution. The psychic chats are nothing but an afterthought, and are staffed with middling generalists who are no where near the cream of the insight crop. has a cute concept that explores a number of different aspects of the occult, legends, and otherwise mystic realm. That being said, it’s not dealt with properly.

It’s a jumble.

This site doesn’t have the worst layout in the world, but black backgrounds with tiny, light colored text aren’t exactly going to end up giving you a great experience.

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This site is hard to read and the navigation is shoddy. It’s also just pretty slow to load on most days, and it doesn’t really take into consideration that newbies are using it.

This site can end up being really frustrating to anyone getting started online, and it’s not the kind of place that you’re going to want to keep migrating towards for readings.

These Numbers Weren’t What We Wanted

As a part of our AnybodyThere review, we were able to really break this site down, and explore what made it tick. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in the positive.

It wasn’t great.

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Our top-rated online psychic reading services are here to deliver on the guidance your path needs.

The first issues start to show up when you look at their so-called screening process for their psychics. They don’t have much, and it’s basically whoever shows up.

This means that for most of the psychic chats, you’re going to end up with a bunch of amateurs that really don’t know heads from tails, and that’s not a good place to be.

We could only end up giving this site a 5.5 out of 10 for their screening processes because of this. It doesn’t seem to be improving, which is a darned shame if we’ve ever seen one.

It’s just no good.

The other issue is that they really don’t have many people working there in the first place. It’s hard to find a live chatting psychic online, so we could only rate them a 5.5 out of 10.

Between this and their spotty customer service, you’re going to find yourself struggling with this particular site. Getting them to reply to e-mails is a really difficult task.

This is why we could only rate this site a 5 out of 10 for customer service. Keep all of this in mind, and understand that you can ultimately do better than what this site offers.

Disappointing Features

With this particular site, you’re going to find yourself a little bit confused. This is because during our AnybodyThere rating, it became unclear if this was a reading site, or just a general site about the spiritual realm.

It’s hard to say.

They might have articles about psychic readings here, and they do have live chats…but that’s about as far as it’s ever going to go, unless you start digging into the forums.

This site doesn’t put a ton of focus on their psychic readings, which means that they ultimately pick up a lot of generalists that aren’t very focused on doing their jobs.

With this in mind, if you need something specific read out of the blue, you’re going to end up having a really hard time getting it, and you’ll need to pay a premium price.

That’s no good.

This particular site is going to end up charging, on average, a total of $2.00 per minute for their psychic readings. This is really not acceptable, and it’ll kill your bank account.

They also just don’t have a lot of real readers around. This means that often times, they’re going to end up relying upon automated readings to give you what you want.

This obviously impacts accuracy, and that’s why we could only end up rating this site a 5 out of 10 on our accuracy rating scale. In short, it’s simply not good enough for you.

These Links Suck

Contacting this site isn’t going to give you a lot to go off of:

Their forums are really not well-maintained at all:

Their chats are not at all going to help you: Just Not The Ideal Online Psychic Readings Site

Impressive is something that is not. This is a site that’s only going to end up frustrating you, whether you’re a newbie or an expert. It’s not the best.

You can do much better.

Rather than sitting around on this particular site, you should be moving onto sites that actually care about their customers, and care far more about the psychic realm.

This site is way more of a general information hub, and the information that they’re offering up isn’t even that impressive or interesting. It’s just a bunch of general stuff.

With that in mind, you’re going to only end up wasting your time here. Minus a money back guarantee, and you have no real reassurance that you’ll even come out okay.

Skip it.

Rather than focus on a site like this one, you should be going for our number one psychic reading site online, and that site is It really can deliver results.

You deserve to have an easy time of it when it comes to readings online, and that’s exactly what our number one site is going to be able to give you. It really rocks it out.

With real professionals and easily scheduled readings, you’ll be able to find your own psychic guru on this site, and come out with amazing insight towards your path.

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