Ghost in the Machine: Are Automated Readers Worth Your Time?

Automated psychic readers aren’t just an invention of the Internet. They’ve been around since the 1800s in the form of crude machines, and they were even less effective back then.

Just stay away.

A lot of newbies are going to wonder–do automated psychic readers work? The short answer is a big fat no, and the long one is that they just aren’t going to hit on accuracy.

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With our guide, we’ve dug in deep, and we’ve come out realizing that automated readers are usually just a cheap, pathetic gimmick, and a desperate attempt to get more traffic.

These readers are just computers, and they aren’t ever going to be able to connect to you or your personal struggles. Because of this, wasting your time with them is no good.

You Don’t Want to Spin Your Wheels Uselessly With an Automated Reader. Here’s Why.

Even if an automated reader manages to tap into the psychic talent that’s good for readings–somehow–it’s not going to end up giving you the insight that you really need.

A good reader is actually going to be able to focus on you and connect to you as a person. They will analyze your own current situation as well as the cards and the starts.

This is something that an automated reader simply can’t do. They’re robots, essentially, and we’ve all seen enough movies to know how they can’t connect to humans properly.

You need a live reader.

A live reader is actually the connection that you need. There’s a lot more to a reading than telling someone your date of birth, where you were born, and flipping the cards.

This is what a lot of newbies don’t understand, and that’s why the gimmick of automated readings online has remained for so long. It’s unfortunate, but true to the nth degree.

Wasting your time with an automated reader is unfortunately something that many of us have done, too. Fortunately, most of them do seem to be free, so it’s no harm done.

They can be fun, but…

Happy WOman Online

The thing about automated reader is that they do have a certain amount of fun to them. Even if you’re used to getting live psychic readings online, an automated reader can be more of a game.

These readings aren’t going to end up meaning anything, however, and that’s what you have to realize. If you try to take something away from them, that’s not a good plan.

Steer clear of these automated readers for serious guidance, or you can end up coming out very disappointed and frustrated. Don’t ask your live reader about them, either.

Don’t ever pay a penny.

The real problem shows up if you start being charged for automated readings. Never, ever pay any money for these, or it’s going to only end up being a total waste.

You deserve more than that. Take your cash to a real, live reader, and you’ll get what you need.


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