Your Beginner’s Guide to Using Crystals as Divination Tools

"Psychic use crystals to amplify their powers"

“Psychic use crystals to amplify their powers”

If you told most people that you were interested in using crystals to tell your fortune, they’d laugh you out of the room. Sadly, divination using crystals is one form of fortune telling that brings about many skeptics who cry foul. If you truly are interested in having your fortune told by crystals, know that there are different methods to crystal divination, as well as specific crystals that are good, bad, or not even true crystals in the first place. The world of crystal divination is very vast, but here’s a short guide to some beginning info.

What Is a Crystal?

A crystal is a solid material. Inside this material, atoms are arranged in a regular and repeating pattern. The grouping of the atoms differentiates a crystal from other forms of matter and other rock substances. For instance, rose quartz is a crystal while glass is not. When picking out crystals to use for divination, it’s important to know which crystals are real and which crystals aren’t actually crystals at all. Crystals can be differentiated based on their atomic structure. The way that atoms are arranged is what separates one rock from another, and the same is true with crystals. All in all, determining what a crystal is and isn’t more scientific a process rather than a spiritual one.

The Art of Scrying

"It is old and effective practice"

“It is old and effective practice”

Using crystals to tell the future isn’t something your hippie aunt made up out of thin air. No, the art of scrying (or using crystals for guidance) has existed for thousands of years and has remained a valid way of divination among psychic circles. Holding onto artifacts and crystals to illicit thoughts, feelings, and energy has been believed to exist well on into the times before Christ.

Scrying is not an exact science, obviously, nor can it give anyone concrete details about what the future will absolutely hold for anyone. Instead, the visions and feelings illicited by the crystals should be interpreted by either a reader or the person receiving the vision. Only they can truly understand and see what there is to see.

The most common scrying method involves holding a crystal and clearing your find. Focusing on the crystal can bring out various energies within a person, causing visions and strong emotions.

What do Certain Crystals Mean?

Over time, the crystals used for divination have changed over and over again, which leads many who want to scry confused as to which crystals to use and which meanings to adopt. Many experiment and figure out which crystals make them feel the best and create their own crystal guide.

Using specific crystals in a bad and pulling them out to receive a fortune is called “crystallomancy”. This gives every crystal a general meaning, such as aquamarine meaning new friends are on the horizon. Other popular stones with meanings include opal (great possessions are coming to you), topaz (you shall be protected), and amber (a voyage is going to whisk you away). Gems can also be associated with days of the week or months in the year. The most common example of this is the idea of birth stones.


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