Why You Should Request That Your Psychic Use Crystals During Your Reading

It’s a common misconception that you don’t have any input after you pay for a psychic reading. Most people just assume that you need to sit in silence while the reading is done, speaking only in response to questions. Fortunately, this is not the case. The fact is, you have the right to request certain things during a psychic reading, and it’s important to know just what these things are. If you’re getting a tarot reading done, you can request that the psychic use a different deck. And regardless of what kind of reading done, you can always request that your psychic make use of crystals if they have any on hand. Crystals are an important part of any kind of psychic divination and they can augment psychic readings in different ways, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to request that your psychic use them.

Cleansing Properties

"Quartz crystals have amazing cleansing properties"

“Quartz crystals have amazing cleansing properties”

Many psychics will use crystals-namely quartz-for their cleansing properties. This means that the crystals can remove any negative energy surround objects or infusing areas. Many psychics that do a lot of readings for others, for example, will have large quartz clusters situated at key points in a room to ensure that the negative energy is constantly being cleansed. It’s also common for crystals to be stored with psychic reading tools, such as tarot cards or astrology charts, in order to cleanse their energy. If you’re concerned about negative energy when you’re getting a reading done, it’s completely acceptable for you to ask your psychic to make use of quartz crystals to ensure the energy is safe. This is particularly a good idea if you feel like you’re bringing negative energy into the situation. By requesting that a psychic use crystals to cleanse, it means you’ll be getting a more accurate reading as an end result.

Amplification Tools

"Moonstone can be used to amplify powers"

“Moonstone can be used to amplify powers”

In order to amplify their power, many psychics make use of other kinds of crystals. Moonstones, for example, strengthen the connection that a person may have with the Tarot. For this reason, many tarot card readers will store their cards with moonstones but will also cleanse their decks through the light of the moon. By doing so they’re ensuring that their decks are free of any negative energy and that they are infused with the aura of the moonstone. Other crystals can amplify powers in other ways. Some channel emotion in order to enhance psychic readings. Some draw on the energy of everyone gathered in a room in order to amplify power. If you’d like to get a reading done and you want it to be as clear and as accurate as possible, it’s a good idea to request that your psychic use some kind of amplification crystal.

Calming Tools

Some crystals have properties that calm people. This is important if someone becomes upset during a reading or is afraid of what a reading might reveal. Negative emotions lead to the accumulation of negative energies, and when that happens it can have an unfortunate impact on whatever kind of psychic reading is being done. In order to ensure that everyone present during your reading is calm, ask your psychic to bring out some crystals with the calming property.


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