What Your Date’s Sign Can Tell You About Your Future

"What her sign means?"

“What her sign means?”

Seeing if your sun sign is compatible with your crushes is fun to play at, but believe it or not you and your potential partner’s sun sign can tell you quite a bit about how your relationship is going to turn out. Learning the bare basics about how the various signs match up can save you a lot of heartache in the end. Here are a few things you should know about you and your date’s sun sign compatibility before you start picking out china patterns.

Beware the Curse of the Same Signs

No matter what you see on television, you can absolutely have too much of a good thing. It’s not always a good thing for two partners to share the same sun sign. While you can definitely guarantee that the two of you will understand each other and you’ll be able to see the best in the other, you’ll also be amplifying the faults of your signs with no one there to dig you out of the trouble you’ve made for yourselves. Pairing two Aries together, for example, would be an explosive relationship full of passion and fireworks right up until they both decide they want to be the leader. Then they’ll get angry with each other, and with Aries sun signs anger can turn to nastiness and selfishness very quickly. Sharp tongues run strong in this sign, and all it takes is a few misplaced words to end the relationship entirely.

Opposites Attract

"Find out if it is true or not"

“Find out if it is true or not”

It’s true what they say, opposites do attract. We like people who balance us, who are the fire to our water and the wind to our earth. Someone who can keep a level head while we’re freaking out and who we can be strong for during troubled times. Your partner would be very, very different from you, but then that’s part of the appeal. If you can work around your different goals in life and find a harmonious way to combine your lives, this could be a solid relationship

Shared Elements Are Best Friends Turned Partners

When you meet someone who shares the same element as your sign, you’re bound to hit it off instantly and become great friends. Just like how some of the best relationship stories you know can grow out of friendships, the same can be said about those of mutual signs. Water on water, fire on fire, wind on wind, earth on earth – all of these combinations can combine to form strong, long lasting relationships. You understand each other well enough to “get” each other, but you’re not so similar that you run into the curse of the same signs situation.

Avoid Inconjunct Signs

"Things won't work"

“Things won’t work”

An inconjunct sign spells bad news for you. To find out which are your inconjunct signs, count your sign as number one and then count forward down the list. Numbers six and eight are going to be your inconjuncts. Back to Aeries, their inconjunct signs are Virgo and Scorpio. These are people who just can’t seem to get each other, and these relationships almost always end in disaster.


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