What You Can Do to Avoid a Cold Reading

"Avoid a cold reading"

“Avoid a cold reading”

Anyone that has done even a little bit of research of psychics has come across the term “cold reading “. A cold reading is when a psychic doesn’t actually use any spiritual powers to detect information about a client, but instead uses a set of techniques that allows them to read body language, style of clothes, accents and speech patterns, as well as other little details that might give away information about a person. Here are a few things you can do to avoid a cold reading when visiting a psychic.

Switch up Your Dress Style and Common Speech Patterns

"You can test a psychic by changing your style"

“You can test a psychic by changing your style”

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that any good psychic will not rely on cold readings. Most psychics are legitimate and want to help the client by using spiritual connections. Cold readings can be common, but one shouldn’t go into a reading with an automatically suspicious and skeptical mind. In order to avoid a cold reading, some might decide that it’s best to go into the reading with fake information about themselves in order to test their psychic, but this is an action that is highly discouraged. Not only will it mess up the results of the reading, but it will only result in wasting both the time of the client and the reader. Big steps like this don’t need to be taken, and instead just do simple things such as changing the way you dress or altering the way you speak. The client doesn’t need to go in acting as though they are in a play and feel the need to drastically switch things up, but just keep things neutral. Try not to wear something that might give away particular interests, such as sports shirts or expensive designer shoes. Also try not to wear clothes or jewelry with zodiac signs or birthstones on them. Zodiac signs and birthstones could be an easy indication of a particular month of the year that might be special to the client.

Consider an Online Reading Instead

"Online reading would be a better choice"

“Online reading would be a better choice”

One of the reasons more and more people are choosing online readings over in person ones is because a psychic reading provided over the Internet highly reduces the chance of receiving a cold reading. Because of the privacy of the Internet, an online psychic is pretty much forced to rely on their own abilities to give an accurate reading. Often time, they cannot see or even hear the client, so that means they have very little to rely on when it comes to cold readings. If an online reading is something a client might be interesting in or is worried about interacting with a scam psychic and receiving a cold reading, turning to the Internet might just be the best choice.

Don’t Give Away Too Much Information at Once

If a person really doesn’t want to risk themselves for a cold reading by a psychic, then one of the most important things they can do is simply remember to not give away too much information all at once. While they don’t need to go into a reading and test their psychic and expect them to tell them every detail of their life story, if they really want to see the psychic’s full abilities, they should keep major details to themselves in the beginning and see how well the psychic does first all on their own.


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