What to Expect from a Numerology Session

"Do numbers hold your future?"

“Do numbers hold your future?”

If you hated math in school, numerology might be something that initially scares you off, or even makes you paranoid. Who decided numbers should have power? Aren’t they scary enough? Instead of feeling trapped under a storm of numbers, understand that numerology is a relatively simple form of divination if you’re only going to use it for basic readings. You don’t have to know advanced calculus to understand numerology. In fact, you only have to work with the numbers one through 9.

If you don’t want to deal with numbers even that small, numerology consultants and online numerology readers exist and are at your service. Because numerology isn’t a very common form of divination, you may not truly understand all there is to know about this form of mathematical fortune telling, or what you should expect from a reading based on numerology. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t get too nervous. Here is some basic information on numerology and what you can expect from your first reading.

What is Numerology?

To put it simply, numerology is studying numbers and their meanings, specifically how they pertain to the human experience in life. This can also extend to the belief that numbers have an influence on the days, events, and even the future. This isn’t some crackpot, new age method of telling the future, either. The study of numbers in a spiritual way dates back to ancient Greece though has fell out of favor off and on through the years.

Numerology varies from culture to culture, and even person to person. The most common form of numerology is adding up numbers associated with dates and names to find the root number, and interpreting the future or personality based on that single digit. For instance, if you were born on May 24, 1994, your root number would be 7. This is based on adding up all the numbers in your numerical birthday (05/24/1994) and then adding the numbers in that two digit number together. Three plus four equals 7, thus the root number is 7. This number is also considered to be your “life path number“.

What Occurs During a Session?

"Some can use cards as well"

“Some can use cards as well”

If your numerologist is using the above method, not much will go on outside of asking for various numbers in your life and then applying them to your current state. Based on your birthdate, a numerologist can work his magic and come up with an even more in depth interpretation of your life based on periods, your karmic numbers, and your pinnacles. While at the reading, your numerologist will explain what these mean. Some numerologists WILL try to explain the math and figuring involved, but most will understand that you do not understand, nor do you want to.

Many numerology readers are automated, meaning you don’t have to deal with a live person at all. You can easily find many websites that deal with numerology and that will give you fast online readings for free. The good thing about numerology is that nothing is truly left up to interpretation, so you don’t have to worry about getting a phone numerology reading from a con artist.


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