What to Avoid When Getting a Couples Reading

Relationship and love advice are two of the most commonly approached topics during psychic readings. More and more often in the past few years, readings for couples have become very popular and partners are flocking to psychic readers in order to give them relationship advice. But, a couples reading might not necessarily be something that two people should just rush into. Here are a few things to avoid if a couples reading is something you and your partner are thinking about.

Don’t Go into a Reading Angry

"Go with a calm mind"

“Go with a calm mind”

One of the biggest things couples need to remember about a couples psychic reading is that it is not necessarily a therapy sessions. While it’s perfectly fine to go in with issues and concerns that the two might want to fix in order to better the relationship, partners should not go in already angry and only wanting to air their dirty laundry to a third party. Both psychic and tarot readings work best when everyone has a clear and calm mind, and it’s no different with a couples reading. In fact, it’s even more important during a couples reading that everyone is calm and collected because if the couple goes in angry, it’s only going to be double the negativity. Lots of fresh anger could easily cloud a psychics mind and result in a less than accurate reading, which isn’t going to benefit anyone. Leave the huffy attitude at the door, and go in with a clear and opened mind.

Don’t Try and Make the Psychic Choose Sides

"Focus on improving your love life instead of doing stupid things"

“Focus on improving your love life instead of doing stupid things”

Any good psychic will conduct a reading with a completely unbiased view, no matter what situation is presented to them. If issues arise and things start to get a little heated during the session, never try and make the psychic choose sides. That’s not what they are there for, and it goes against the role they are supposed to play in the reading. A psychic isn’t supposed to take sides or gang up on one person, so trying to make a psychic pin one party as the bad guy isn’t going to help the reading. Focus instead on how to fix issues and what route the relationship should take instead of trying to play the blame game and drag the psychic into playing referee to private matters.

Don’t Ask The Psychic If You Should Get A Divorce

Any good psychic knows that they should never predict any of the four D’s: death, disaster, disease or divorce. The reason for this is because those are very permanent predictions, and most psychics wouldn’t want to deal with the guilt of being responsible for something that large. If a relationship is in a bad enough spot that divorce is a serious option, then it might be time to skip the psychic and instead attend counseling instead. A psychic can be a great option for predicting the future and giving spiritual advice, but if a relationship is on the rocks and a couple goes in asking about divorce, they want to consider a different kind of professional. A couple should consult a psychic for lighter matters that can help improve their relationship, not go to a psychic when they are looking to end things that could potentially end on a sour note.


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