What Incense to Burn for Your Psychic Reading

There are several tools a psychic might use when conducting a reading. They might light candles, harness the energy of crystals, and sometimes they will light incense. Of course, incense isn’t just a fragrant item to use during a psychic reading. Each different scent holds a different meaning and is meant to channel different energies. Here are a few common types of incense to help you choose which one to burn during your psychic reading.


"Sandalwood - Removes negative energy"

“Sandalwood – Removes negative energy”

Sandalwood is probably one of the most popular incense choices among psychics. Not only is it meant to give a psychic good energy for the reading, but it is also known to help clear the mind and remove negative energy. Sandalwood is a great scent to burn before any reading because it will help both the reader and the client start with a healthy balance of emotions. Sandalwood is also often used when psychic mediums contact the spiritual world, since sandalwood has been known to ward off demons and other troublesome spirits. So not only can it help exorcise negative thoughts, but also unwanted ghosts.


"Cedar - Cleanse the area and the other divination tools"

“Cedar – Cleanse the area and the other divination tools”

Cedar is another very popular scent of incense to burn during psychic readings. Cedar incense can be found in most stores, whether new age other otherwise, and this scent is often used as a purification tool. Many psychics will burn cedar before a reading to help cleanse the area or any other tools that might be used during the reading such as crystals or tarot cards. Cedar has also been known to attract love, so some psychics might burn this scent during readings where to client is seeking love or marriage advice.


Lavender is another common scent used in psychic readings. It’s known to be a very relaxing scent and can set a calming mood for any reading that will relax both the client and the psychic. Not only is lavender calming, but it is also a common go-to when being used for readings that have to deal with dreams. Having tranquil dreams can be a big issue for many, and clients will often consult psychics on what they can do to have better dreams or learn techniques such as lucid dreaming. When this is the case, lavender incense is usually the first choice for many psychics.


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Sage is most often used by psychic mediums. Sage is commonly used incense for cleansing homes or any area where a particularly negative energy seems to be lingering. Usually, when a bad spirit or demon is present, most people will turn to sage in order to give their space a fresher feeling. Psychic mediums will often burn sage incense during their readings to keep negative spirits at bay and not run into any unwanted troubles.


Not only is strawberry popular because of its sweet and delightful scent, it also has many uses such as promoting both luck and love. Psychics will often use strawberry incense when a client wants a reading about work or money related issues, as strawberry incense is believed to bring them lots of luck in both fields. Strawberry is also used for readings regarding love and sexual matters to bring client lots of good fortune.


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