The Perfect Amount of Information to Give Your Psychic

When going to a psychic you’re putting your trust in someone to use whatever method of divination to guide you with a need that you have. While you’re going into it with an open heart and an open mind, sometimes there are psychics, fake or real, who are willing to exploit this honesty. Unless you’ve been going to a trusted person, you should still have your guard up at least a little. It’s not that you should expect them to simply use the information you gave them to create a reading for you. However, by being guarded about what you do tell them you can test out their ability and honesty without having to worry about whether it’s real or not. It’s not as confusing as it sounds, promise. You just have to keep a few cards to yourself, such as:


"Ask, how your loved one is going to affect your life"

“Ask, how your loved one is going to affect your life”

Since love is such a big topic that people go in for, you’re going to find that this is the easiest one to fudge a little. There’s no need to tell your psychic the full name or relation that you already have with this person. With enough preparation a lazy (or fake) psychic could simply look someone up on social media to get a better feel of the person before they see you. In the event that you’re just walking into a reading then use the first name for sure, but keep everything else strict. “What do I need to know about Jake and how he affects my life?” This is a very open question that covers all bases for a Tarot reading. If they want more information about him you can simply say that he’s someone you’ve been thinking of and you’re not sure what the feeling is between the two of you. For all they know it could be love, it could be dispute or it could just be a coworker that has a large effect on your workload. The Tarot, or any other form of reading, is a wonderful guide, so let it guide you. If your psychic has talent, you’ll know much faster this way.


"Don't disclose anything about you to the receptionist"

“Don’t disclose anything about you to the receptionist”

This is something you need to watch out for if you go to famous psychics or a new person in a larger city. Most of the time, it may not be the psychic asking you a question, but someone else in the waiting room or a receptionist. They try to get you to start talking about why you’re there and what your background is relating to your question. Things about your family or job are easy conversation starters that also give the psychic a lot of information about you before you get there. To get the most accurate reading keep your appointment the way you would with a therapist. You wouldn’t tell the other patients why you were there normally. Confidentiality is important, but don’t appear rude. Simply change the topic or tell them you’d prefer not to talk about it. Then leave the rest up to the psychic.


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