The Few Times Hollywood Captured Psychics Correctly

When the average person thinks of psychics and fortune tellers, a few very common scenarios might come to mind. They might imagine the mysterious mystic that can be found at the fair of a fair ground, dishing out fortunes as a certain sense of doom lingers in the air. Or, they might picture a sketchy shop on the wrong side of down that had skulls and voodoo dolls hanging some various places in the dimly lit shop. Of course, anyone that has ever been to a psychic knows that these scenarios are only seen in the movies, and a real psychic reader won’t be anywhere near as intimidating. Almost all of these false representations of psychics came from Hollywood movies, but below are a few examples of the few times Hollywood actually captured the life of psychics correctly.

The Craft

"The Craft - Removed the people's misconception about psychic reading"

“The Craft – Removed the people’s misconception about psychic reading”

The Craft is one of those cult classic films from the 90s that not everyone will remember, but those who do can probably quote the film word for word. It centers around four girls who dabble in Witchcraft and lean both the positive and negative effects of dabbling with magic. In the film, the owner of the local new age shop is both a practicing witch and psychic. While the film is definitely over the top at times and isn’t necessarily the go-to resource when it comes to viewing psychics 100% correctly, it still touches on a lot of valid points. Lirio is both a witch and psychic in the movie, she shares some very real and important information on psychics. She tells the main character how there is no true white or black magic and that it’s all about how you use it. This is very true when it comes to the world of psychics, since many people have the misconception that psychics ad tarot readers often conduct spells and curses during their readings, and this isn’t true. They merely harness the power of the universe to help guide them, and The Craft explains this more than once throughout the film.


"Ghost - A highly appreciated and an academy award winning movie"

“Ghost – A highly appreciated and an academy award winning movie”

Ghost was another 90s film where one of the main characters was a psychic. In the beginning, Oda Mae Brown is working as a scam psychic and medium, until the ghost of Sam Wheat comes along and begins talking to her. After freaking out and finally accepting her fate, she suddenly finds herself able to communicate with several other spirits and finds herself sometimes getting overwhelmed with the voices trying to speak with her. While this is still clearly a Hollywood film and not everything is exactly as it would be in real life, getting overwhelmed by spirits is a very real issue that many medium psychics deal with on a daily basis.


Insidious was a great film that showed a pretty realistic depiction of how medium psychics work. Though real medium psychics might not necessarily be seeing demons and spirits left and right, the methods that Elise Rainier uses to connect to the spiritual realm and tap into her psychic abilities wasn’t too far off from how it might be done in real life. By using notebooks to quickly document what is flashing through her mind and confining herself to a small space in order to focus is a very real method that many psychics often use.


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