The Basic Palm Lines and You

Before going to a palm reading, it’s good to brush up on the basic lines so you have a general idea of what a palmistry expert will talk to you about. Of all the small lines on your hands, there will be six main lines: head, heart, fate, affection, life, and the sun. All of these lines come together to reveal your story. You may not even know it, but your life can truly be read just by looking at these six lines on your palm.

Line of Head

"Line of Head - Tells your ability to cope up with situations"

“Line of Head – Tells your ability to cope up with situations”

The head line runs through your palm, almost cutting it in half. You should be able to see it start near your index finger and move towards the other side of your hand. This line speaks of your artistic intelligence, ability to cope with situations, strength of will, and other illnesses of the mind. A fractured head line may indicate that you are easily stressed or mentally unwell. A smooth line indicates mental clarity.

Line of Heart

The heart line starts at the side of your middle finger and cuts towards the other side of your hand. As you might have guessed, this line denotes a person’s ability to get along with others and how they respond to their own feelings. Those who are emotionally closed off may not have a heart line that fully reaches either their index finger or the side of their hand. A strong line denotes a good relationship with others.

Line of Fate

"Line of Fate - Unfolds the journey of your career and relationship"

“Line of Fate – Unfolds the journey of your career and relationship”

The harder line to see on many hands, the line of fate arcs next to your life line. Some find it easier to see when cupping their hands. Some are straighter, moving up towards the index finger. This line speaks of the journey you’ll take through your career, relationship, and life in general. The more wavering the line, the harder the journal.

Line of Life

The most important line in palmistry, the life line is the curved line located between your thumb and index finger, moving towards your wrist. This is where the meat of your life’s past, present, and future lie. Contrary to popular belief, the depth of the line is the indicator of longevity, not the length. This line speaks of family relationships, life energy, and loss that you may experience during your life.

Line of Affection

"Line of Affection - Signifies your love life"

“Line of Affection – Signifies your love life”

This line can be found cutting your pinkie finger off from the rest of your hand. This small curved line talks about your love life. This can include relationships, marriage, divorce, sex, and other matters of the heart. A more pronounced line means that you’re going to be very bountiful in the love department. Faint lines mean the opposite.

Line of the Sun

A line that juts off from the line of life and in between the pinkie and the ring finger, the line of the sun speaks of the overall wellbeing of a person’s life. The more pronounced this line is, the happier they will be in life. This line usually connects with the line of life. If not, this is another bad sign.


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