Signs You Might Be Psychic

For some people, it might be obvious from an early age that they have psychic abilities. Perhaps they have higher levels of intuition, or maybe they developed an interest in tarot cards and healing crystals at an early age. Sometimes, the signs might not be quite so obvious. Whether you are struggling to figure out whether or not you have psychic abilities or if you are certain they are already within you, check out some of these big signs that you might hold psychic powers.

Your Gut Feeling Is Always Accurate

"You are able to detect the bad as well as good situations"

“You are able to detect the bad as well as good situations”

Most people have what is commonly known as a “gut instinct“. If a bad situation is about to occur, some people will usually feel a sense of dread and be able to avoid the problem. If this is something that happens often and your gut feeling seems to always be correct, that could be a very big sign of having psychic abilities. For most people, their gut instinct will only pop up every now and again, and could only be correct half of the time. But, if your senses seem to be able to detect not only danger but good situations as well, then that could very well be something to look into. Being able to predict a bad situation is always important, but being able to detect great opportunities is also beneficial to psychics.

Predictions and Premonitions on a Large Scale

"If you can make true grand scale predictions then it's a huge sign"

“If you can make true grand scale predictions then it’s a huge sign”

It’s one thing to have “gut feelings” on small things. If a car has been having lots of engine trouble recently and the owner is feeling worried that it might soon break down, and it does, that’s not necessarily a sign of being psychic. However, if a person is able to make grand scale predictions, that could be a huge sign of psychic potential. For example, if a person has a hunch that they are about to meet someone new and start a new relationship, and quickly find their prediction coming true, that could be a big sign. The same could go for someone who has a strong feeling that they are about to receive a letter from a family member they haven’t heard from in ages, then suddenly a letter shows up in their mail box. If things like this happen often, it’s probably not just a coincidence, and is more than likely a sign of psychic powers.

Vivid and Intense Dreams

Sometimes, a person doesn’t receive their best psychic intuitions while they are up and about. They might find their brains providing the most psychic activity while they are fast asleep. It’s not uncommon for people with psychic abilities to have very vivid dreams that can predict the future or solve problems for them while they rest. If a person has been trying all day to figure out how to fix a certain problem, and then suddenly while dreaming they receive a crystal clear solution that works upon waking up and testing it out, that is a huge sign that they have strong psychic abilities. Psychic can also get some of their best future predictions while sleeping, so if a person finds himself or herself often gaining enlightenment through their dreams, they should pay attention and use it to their advantage.


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