Lestrology: Queer Astrology Advice for Cancers

Cancers are well known for their hard outer shell and their soft, squishy insides. She has a huge heart that she hides behind that protective shell because with a Cancer once you’re in, you’re in. You have full access to her softer parts and have the ability to hurt her at will. Loyalty is a big deal to Cancers, and so is family – whether that family is biological or the queer community she’s built up into one. She doesn’t give her heart away easily, but once she does, she does it full force. With a Cancer, she may not always be teasing when they talk about showing up on the second date with a U-Haul.

Cancer and Taurus

"A relationship with a lot of eye-gazing and hand holding"

“A relationship with a lot of eye-gazing and hand holding”

Cancer and Taurus is match made in heaven. The sex is amazing, the romance is vomit-worthy and they fit together like they were living a romance film. Taurus likes to take it slow and Cancer loves the attention involved in being courted. Cancer also needs loyalty and constant affection which is something Taurus is more than willing to give her. This is a relationship that requires a lot of doting on Cancer, and luckily doting is what Taurus does best. This is a relationship with a lot of eye-gazing, hand holding, footsie playing and quiet sighs.

Cancer and Gemini

"Cancer and Gemini - Wrong match"

“Cancer and Gemini – Wrong match”

Now here’s a relationship that’s a bad idea. For all that Cancer has a warm heart and a loving demeanor; she can be more than a little needy. And nothing’s a bigger turnoff for Gemini than neediness. The two may hit it off at the local lesbian mixer and mistakenly assume this match is going to go somewhere, but it doesn’t take long for Gemini to forget to call back like she promised and send Cancer into a tizzy over being ignored and forgotten.

Cancer and Cancer

These two may be the rare exception to the “never date inside your sign” rule. Because of the intense loyalty and protectiveness that backs the Cancer time; this duo can become a real force of nature. They understand each other and their need to occasionally retreat into their shell for a little private time and are happiest when they’re spending time in the space they created together. The downside is that it’s easy for both of their feelings to get hurt, and those hurt emotions can fuel some pretty epic fights. But they’re quick to make up because they understand how to mend a broken crab heart. This is a relationship that stands a real chance at lasting, so expect a joint yoga membership in your near futures.

Cancer and Libra

At first glance this may seem like a perfect match. Both signs have a passion for all things beautiful so it’s easy for them to bond over aesthetics. But it doesn’t take long for Libra’s indecisiveness to drive Cancer up the wall or for Cancer to pick a fight and leave poor Libra unable to choose between defending herself and siding with Cancer. While romance may not be in the cards, these two can combine for one killer friendship.


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