How to Find the Best Online Numerologist

"Numerology is a simple method of psychic reading"

“Numerology is a simple method of psychic reading”

Numerology is quickly becoming popular again, mostly due to the fact that it’s quick, easy, and usually free. Numerology is the occult study of numbers and their impact on the real world. Numbers can be used for divining your fortune and how you’ll get through life. In order to know what your numbers say, consult a numerologist. These can be either automated or real people on the rare occasion. In order to get the best quality numerology reading possible, follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.

Free or Paid For?

Typically, numerology isn’t something that you have to pay for. Because it doesn’t really require any concrete divination, numerologists will do the work for free or for a very small fee. You’re more likely to spend big in a tarot card shop or from crystal readings, not numerology. Numerology isn’t something that really varies from person to person, either. The rules are set in stone and the numbers don’t like-mathematically, anyway. Basically, you’re getting the same service regardless of whether you’re paying for it or not. If you want to support a numerologist, it’s your choice.

What Will the Service Be?

A typical numerologist will ask for your name and birthdate. Based on the numbers that he draws from these pieces of information, he will tell you about your life and what can be expected from you down the road. This is based on the belief that numbers are chosen for you by destiny and have a determination on your life and its meaning. A typical numerology session involves either showing you a numerology readout or doing some quick math and drawing out a numerology board for you. This may require some explanation due to some confusing theories, but most numerology sessions are cut and dry.

Keywords to Look For

"Keywords like genuine and spiritual can help in spotting a legitimate site"

“Keywords like genuine and spiritual can help in spotting a legitimate site”

Instead of focusing on keywords that focus specifically on numerology, try to vet the site in a more general sense. Look for keywords that list them as a credible psychic site. Things like “genuine” and “spiritual” can be great tip offs that the site is legitimate and not just out for page hits. If you’re paying for a numerologist, be especially careful not to fall for a scam. Make sure that they tell you you’ll receive a “personal” reading and that they list a little bit about numerology on the site. Check the info against legitimate resources to weed out any phonies.

Bad Service vs Good Service

Again, most numerology services online are automated because it’s a form of divination that CAN be. If you’re skeptical of online tarot card readings or crystal divination, you do have a point when it comes to true connections and psychic energy. Numerology, on the other hand, doesn’t really come along with service that can be bad or good.

If you’re dealing with a real person, regardless of whether they’re online or off, make sure to check their math. Professional or experienced numerologists will make mistakes, and one tiny number not being added correctly can throw off your whole reading.


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