Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards and Other Psychic Tools That Hold Several Misconceptions

When a person thinks of psychic readers, a few particular items might come to mind. Tarot cards, crystal balls, Ouija boards, Runes, as well as other typical items that is often associated with fortune telling. While these are all very common items that one could very well spot in a local readers shop, these items might not always work the way many people think they will. Here are a few common misconceptions about popular psychic tools.

The Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is probably one of the most commonly thought of item when a person thinks of psychic and tarot readers. They imagine a mystical reader peering into a huge glowing crystal ball and reading the future with intense detail. But, that’s not entirely how crystal balls actually work. Many people think that crystal balls come with the magic power of allowing a psychic to actually see visions of the future in the ball. But, anyone that has actually seen a psychic use a crystal ball knows that there are no magical balls that show the future with a mystical swirl of smoke and glitter. In reality, a psychic will merely use a crystal ball to focus their energy and help them use their third eye to gaze into the future. The crystal ball allows them to slip into a trance-like state, and easily allows them to tap into the spiritual realm for guidance. As great it would be for these objects to hold Hollywood style magic, it’s merely a tool to help a psychic focus.

Tarot Cards

"With the use of tarot cards, psychics might not be able to give the exact detail of the future"

“With the use of tarot cards, psychics might not be able to give the exact detail of the future”

Not everyone has to be a psychic in order to use tarot cards, but they are still a common item often found in most reader’s shops. One of the most common misconceptions about tarot cards is that they will lay out the future step by step and allow the reader to go into great detail about the distant future. However, this usually isn’t the case. While tarot cards can certainly be used to predict future situations, because the cards aren’t always used by psychics, reading the future is only a small part of reading tarot cards. Tarot cards are much more often used to simply give guidance through a rough situation, not to reach into the same complexities of a problem that psychics can. Even when a psychic uses tarot cards, they will might not be able to give a client exact details of the future. But, they can usually give very satisfying results.


"You can also use a crystal ball to resolve your love, sleep or libido issues"

“You can also use a crystal ball to resolve your love, sleep or libido issues”

Crystals are very popular item among psychics, though not everyone seems to know how they are used. Some people might think that they just make pretty decorations throughout the reading, but they are used for so much more than that. Not only can crystals be used to help focus a psychics energy and help them produce a better and more conducive reading, but they can also be used by the client as well to help with issues of love, sleep troubles, lack of energy or libido, or even anxiety and depression. There are dozens of healing crystals to choose from, and there can be one for just about every issue. Both psychics and clients like to use these during readings, and often find them to be a nice little helper.


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