A Gay Guide to Astrology Readings

As a gay person, you may find that many astrology guides specifically single out people of the not-so-gay persuasion. Yes, many guides to astrology only talk about straight people. Aren’t you tired of being ignored? Just like many straight people, you too like to have your fortune told.

That being said, it can be hard to set up an astrology reading as a gay person. Online guides and astrology books ignore you, so why should a reader acknowledge you? After all, books are supposed to be all inclusive. Most people, however, are not. It’s a frightening trend that astrology and other psychic readers assume their clients are straight. Unless you happen to be an extremely effeminate man or a butch woman, your astrology reader will generally assume you’re straight, and playing off of stereotypes isn’t so great either.

Coming Out to a Psychic

Some gay people choose to come out rather early. These homosexuals are the kinds who always knew, never cared, and let their true selves shine through. Others felt like coming out of the closet was something harder and more torturous. If you’re in the latter category, coming out to your psychic might be extremely hard – especially if you aren’t even out at all!

Generally, astrology readings are very private experiences. It’s not as if your psychic will run and tell everyone you know and love that you’re gay. It’s not really any of their concern once you’re not their client for the day, and they also don’t particularly care (in most cases) as long as they’re taking your money. Still, you have the option of being mum about the issue. It actually might be more beneficial to your reading.

Is it Important to Include in the Reading?

"A good psychic will know that you are gay"

“A good psychic will know that you are gay”

A person with true psychic abilities should know that you are gay without you having to say anything. Astrology isn’t as directly linked with ESP as, say, tarot cards would be. However, a true astrologer can know a lot about you without you saying a word. Just giving your birthday and some basic information can open them up to a world of information about you. Again, it’s your choice whether or not you reveal that you’re gay to the reader. If you feel like it WILL have a positive impact on them, explain. It can be very awkward when they tell you you’re going to meet a nice girl, though, and you’re a 100 percent homosexual man.

Facing Bigotry During a Reading

"A Psychic may try to brain wash you of being a straight person"

“A Psychic may try to brain wash you of being a straight person”

If you do come out to a psychic, it’s important to realize that in rare cases, they may get upset by this fact. Normally psychics are very open-minded people. They’re spiritualists and believe in fortune telling, after all. In some cases, though, you may encounter psychics who belong to cultures who are not typically accepting of homosexuality. It’s been reported that some psychics are adamant that their clients are not gay after being told by the client themselves that they are. This can be a ploy to somehow “change your mind” about being homosexual. If this happens during a reading, you have every right to turn around and leave.


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