5 Best Crystals for Amping Psychic Abilities

Looking to amp up your psychic abilities? You’re in luck: psychic abilities can be enhanced and developed by using the right crystals and gemstones. They contain powerful energies that can heal your body and heighten your spiritual life. Specifically, they can help amplify psychic abilities in general or hone in on a specific area that you may request help with.


"Bloodstone - Protects its holder from evil"

“Bloodstone – Protects its holder from evil”

Bloodstone is the stone you want on hand if you’re looking to enhance your psychic abilities as they specifically pertain to intuition. It’s a grounding stone that’s connected to your root chakra and your base needs. It’s also rumored to be able to protect its holder from evil and can be used to release blockages that may be dampening your psychic powers.


If you’re trying to learn something about the future, having an emerald on hand will help you out quite a bit. They enhance psychic powers as they are related to future events, helping you achieve a higher level of awareness and consciousness of what’s to come. It’s also a strong psychic protector against negative energies that may try to keep you from your goals.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone is well known for its ability to help you connect with spirits on another plane of existence, whether they’re spirit guides, ghosts or angels. What makes it so effective is that it not only enhances your psychic antenna as it were, but it also protects you from any baddies that might decide they want in as well. The down side to increasing your signal strength is that anyone out there can hear you, not just the positive forces you’re trying to attract. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to have a piece of stone on you like lapis lazuli that can provide you with the protection you need as well.


"Moonstone - Essential ingredient in divination"

“Moonstone – Essential ingredient in divination”

Moonstone is the mother of all spirit communication stones. It’s directly connected to divination tools like crystal balls, runes and the tarot as it not only enhances psychic abilities but also intuition, an essential ingredient in divination of all kinds. Just make sure you have a protection stone on you when you use it.


"Quartz - Helps you to understand messages from the spirit world"

“Quartz – Helps you to understand messages from the spirit world”

If moonstone is the mother of all communication stones, quartz is the mother of all psychic stones period. It’s one of the most powerful stones out there for expanding your psychic abilities, enhancing clairvoyance and opening your crown chakra to allow you to increase your ability to understand messages from the spirit world. Quartz will amplify any of the energies around it and is therefore good to pair with any other crystal we have listed here for maximum effect.


If you’re specifically looking for a stone to help you increase your clairvoyant abilities, turquoise is the stone you want in your pocket. It’s so strong that it’s also been known to open up other or stronger psychic abilities to those who carry it around on a regular basis, especially if you happen to wear it around your neck near the throat chakra.


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