Your Beginner’s Guide to Using Crystals as Divination Tools

If you told most people that you were interested in using crystals to tell your fortune, they’d laugh you out of the room. Sadly, divination using crystals is one form of fortune telling that brings about many skeptics who cry foul. If you truly are interested in having your fortune told by crystals, know that there are different methods to crystal divination, as well as specific crystals that are good, bad, or not even true crystals in the first place. The world of crystal divination is very vast, but here’s a short guide to some beginning info. What Is a Crystal? A crystal is a solid material. Inside this material, atoms are arranged in a regular and repeating pattern. The grouping of the atoms differentiates a crystal from other forms of matter and other rock substances. For instance, rose quartz is a crystal while glass is not. When picking out crystals to use for divination, it’s important to know which crystals are real and which crystals aren’t actually crystals at all. Crystals can be differentiated based on their atomic structure. The way that atoms are arranged is what separates one rock from another, and the same is true with crystals. All in all, determining what a crystal is and isn’t…

Why You Should Stick With One Psychic Instead of Shopping Around

It’s super easy for people to get psychic readings done online, which means that more and more people are doing so. In order to meet that demand, there are a ton of websites out there that offer online psychic services. These websites tend to host many psychics, all of whom offer varying types of psychic readings. The first step you’re going to have to take if you want a reading done is to select a psychic from among many. However, many people choose to try out different psychics on subsequent visits in order to get a different experience each time. But is that the best way to ensure that the readings you’re getting are accurate? A Bond is Important You don’t need to be best friends with your psychic in order for them to be able to do a reading for you, but it does help to feel some kind of connection to them. Look at it this way: would you want someone you can’t stand to read the Tarot for you? Probably not, and this is why you want your psychic to be someone you actually come to like and respect. The easiest way to do this with an online psychic is to keep coming back to them every…

Why You Should Request That Your Psychic Use Crystals During Your Reading

It’s a common misconception that you don’t have any input after you pay for a psychic reading. Most people just assume that you need to sit in silence while the reading is done, speaking only in response to questions. Fortunately, this is not the case. The fact is, you have the right to request certain things during a psychic reading, and it’s important to know just what these things are. If you’re getting a tarot reading done, you can request that the psychic use a different deck. And regardless of what kind of reading done, you can always request that your psychic make use of crystals if they have any on hand. Crystals are an important part of any kind of psychic divination and they can augment psychic readings in different ways, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to request that your psychic use them. Cleansing Properties Many psychics will use crystals-namely quartz-for their cleansing properties. This means that the crystals can remove any negative energy surround objects or infusing areas. Many psychics that do a lot of readings for others, for example, will have large quartz clusters situated at key points in a room to ensure that the negative energy is constantly being cleansed. It’s also common for…

Why You Need to Get a Second Psychic Opinion

Consulting a psychic is always helpful, no matter what types of issues you are dealing with. They can help you with things that you may not have ever known how to solve. Getting online readings is easier than ever, so more and more people are getting opinions from psychics. However, it’s not always easy to know if you’re getting good advice. You may want to consider getting a second psychic opinion before you take the advice that you are offered. Getting one psychic reading done is one thing, but you may not have ever considered getting to done. It may seem a little bit confusing to you. However, getting a second opinion really can be helpful, and it is something you’re going to want to consider doing. Here’s why you should be considering getting a second opinion from a different psychic whenever you get a reading done. Not Every Psychic Is Legitimate Unfortunately, it’s important to know that not every psychic you will encounter online is actually legitimate or looking out for your best interests. There are some psychics out there who don’t really care about the advice or readings they give you. For this reason, you really do want to be careful about who you consult when it comes…

Why Some Psychics Use Crystals and What They Mean

When people think of psychics, there are a couple common tools that come to mind. Tarot cards, runes, and crystal balls are some of the most commonly thought of items. One of the tools you might not see as often are the use of crystals. Not every psychic uses crystals in their readings, and when they do the client might not be entirely sure what the crystals are for and how they help. Listed below are some of the most common crystals that are used in psychic readings and what their meanings are. Rose Quartz The Rose Quartz crystal is one of the most common crystals used when it comes to focusing psychic energy on romantic issues, and is often referred to as the “Love Stone”. The Rose Quartz crystal is a pale to dark pink stone and is translucent. Psychics will often use this crystal in readings where the topic is dealing with a romantic relationship or where the client wants general love advice. It allows the psychic to tap deeper into the love energy that the client is putting off, and will allow the reader to get better insight into the situation and allow them to provide greater clarity to romantic issue. Amethyst The Amethyst crystal is another…

Why Certain Kinds of Psychic Readings Work Better in Tandem

If you’ve ever considered having a psychic reading done, you’re not alone. Many people are curious to know what their future holds or what weight their decisions might have, and for that reason they turn to psychics. This is no longer something that requires you to be there in person because the Internet has made it very easy to find psychic reading services. Regardless of what kind of reading you’re hoping to have done, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find someone online who can do it for you. However, when you consider the fact that you’re paying for this service; wouldn’t it make sense to get the most accurate reading possible? To this end, it’s not unheard of for a psychic to do two kinds of readings at once. In fact, certain kinds of readings work well together. If you’re paying to have a psychic reading done, it’s not a bad idea to understand why some types of readings work better in tandem. A Convergence of Energy Most all tools used for psychic readings possess some kind of spiritual energy. This energy is how the tools are able to divine the answers to questions or even hint at events that may happen in the future. Because this energy…

What Your Date’s Sign Can Tell You About Your Future

Seeing if your sun sign is compatible with your crushes is fun to play at, but believe it or not you and your potential partner’s sun sign can tell you quite a bit about how your relationship is going to turn out. Learning the bare basics about how the various signs match up can save you a lot of heartache in the end. Here are a few things you should know about you and your date’s sun sign compatibility before you start picking out china patterns. Beware the Curse of the Same Signs No matter what you see on television, you can absolutely have too much of a good thing. It’s not always a good thing for two partners to share the same sun sign. While you can definitely guarantee that the two of you will understand each other and you’ll be able to see the best in the other, you’ll also be amplifying the faults of your signs with no one there to dig you out of the trouble you’ve made for yourselves. Pairing two Aries together, for example, would be an explosive relationship full of passion and fireworks right up until they both decide they want to be the leader. Then they’ll get angry with each other, and…

What You Shouldn’t Tell Your Psychic

Going to a psychic is something that you have to be very open to do. Even for real believers that can be hard simply because it’s so personal. But the first time you get your reading done and it’s accurate as all get out then you’re hooked. It can be easy to run back and tell them all of your life problems and try to get help with them too. But the issue is that, just like a date, you can give away too much. There are things that your psychic may not be able to help you with, or even worst, there are things that a bad psychic may expose that they know you’ll pay to hear about. Until you’ve got yourself a nice, steady person to see, there are definitely some things that you shouldn’t tell your psychic. How Much You Make Income is a huge thing to many people, and with good reason. Even if you aren’t having money problems or just want some guidance in the investment department, don’t go all in with your account information. As soon as you let the psychic know that you’re well off or bad with money then you’re giving those less honest ones something to use against you. If you’re…

What You Need to Know before Dating a Psychic

Though a psychic might have a slightly unconventional job, they are still just like anyone else. They go grocery shopping, they have their own hobbies and interests, and of course they have their own relationships that can lead to marriage. But, if someone is just getting into a new relationship with a psychic, there are couple things they need to know if they want things to go smoothly and to be successful. Don’t Date a Psychic Only for Their Abilities When a person first starts dating a psychic, it can be very tempting to want to take some advantage of their abilities. And there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. It’s no different that dating someone who works at a store and wanting the employee discount every now and again. However, it’s important not to abuse the new loves powers just because they are available. When dating a psychic, they might be very eager and willing to give free readings and help their partner through any difficult issues they might be facing. But, you need to know when to draw the line. Going to a partner for too many readings will not only be a drain on them mentally and might affect their work, but might end up forcing them…

What You Can Do to Avoid a Cold Reading

Anyone that has done even a little bit of research of psychics has come across the term “cold reading “. A cold reading is when a psychic doesn’t actually use any spiritual powers to detect information about a client, but instead uses a set of techniques that allows them to read body language, style of clothes, accents and speech patterns, as well as other little details that might give away information about a person. Here are a few things you can do to avoid a cold reading when visiting a psychic. Switch up Your Dress Style and Common Speech Patterns One of the most important things to keep in mind is that any good psychic will not rely on cold readings. Most psychics are legitimate and want to help the client by using spiritual connections. Cold readings can be common, but one shouldn’t go into a reading with an automatically suspicious and skeptical mind. In order to avoid a cold reading, some might decide that it’s best to go into the reading with fake information about themselves in order to test their psychic, but this is an action that is highly discouraged. Not only will it mess up the results of the reading, but it will only result in wasting…


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